100% Proof NASA and Russia Know Aliens Exist!

What a claim that is !! Bold and beautiful so it is, but unfortunately it’s not mine – it is that of Self-proclaimed UFOlogist Scott Waring.   

The Alien buff claimed that in recent footage taken from the International Space Station, there is proof that a trio of  alien ships passed slowly past the ISS, ‘uncloaking’ in the process.  

Now you may think this is a load of codswallop, but he was watching And listening to the ISS live-stream.  It was actually very important for him to have the sound on here, as the conversation between the Russian cosmonaut and NASA is just as suspicious as the images themselves  

The conversation itself begins rather mundane, the usual check this confirm that, however as the images become more clear on the stream, it is possible to hear the Russian commenting on “a ship” before being abruptly cut off.   NASA operators are obviously well rehearsed in deflecting any talk about aliens and unidentified space poop! 

Waring also suggested that the NASA video seems to become blurred when the spacemonkeys uncloaked.

The conspiracy theorist argued that the spaceships or ‘galactic guppies’ are known to cause “electrical disturbances” and even shut down vehicles and watches… and this is supposed to solidify his theory. 

Now of course there are possible logical explanations – but they are boring so let’s just all believe in aliens ….

* Some of the facts used in the story are actually true

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