MooseFruit Warzone OCE Group Reaches 500 Members

We’re just getting warmed up.

Like many of our readers, we love Call of Duty Warzone. In fact, we’ve collectively played hundreds of hours just between our inner circle here.

Within a few days of it’s launch, Warzone was a clear hit with the masses and as such we thought it necessary to create a private group for our fellow OCE players, so we set up a Facebook group.

Members have continued to trickle in since day one, and now we are at an even more exciting point in time. Competition time.

When the group had only around 150 members, we hosted a small tournament with a couple of minor prizes. This was a test, and now that the OCE community is fired up it’s time to get them killing each other.

In a few days we’ll announce the next tournament and we want you there. So join the group, invite your squad and get ready to compete for your chance at the MooseFruit Warzone OCE Championship.

Find and join the group here.

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  1. Geegs

    Its funny what you can accomplish with daddy’s money, a big cock and a bunch of confidence. Its hilarious that we have accomplished this with none of them XD

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