A Young Person’s Guide to Summoning Demons

Ever wondered what the recommended age rating is for summoning demons? 

Sick of having your kids sit out while you draw the pentagram and practice your incantations? 

Well I guess now you won’t have to, thanks to a new book published in the US this Christmas time – ‘A Children’s Book of Demons.  

The entertaining and cartoonish book is aimed at readers aged 5-10 and covers all your usual demon summonings plus a handy one for helping with homework and even one to save them from the harassment of school bullies. 

The blatant future best seller was published by Koyama Press with drawings by artist Aaron Leyon.

 The book presents a variety of symbols that encourage children to draw in order to summon various demons. These are strikingly similar to those found in authentic magical books, known as grimoires. 

Catholic Priest Father Francesco Bamonte, president of the International Association of Exorcists, spoke very sharply about this case.  He claims that it essentially describes Satanism as “a normal alternative to other religions.” However given the church’s history with children and demons – it’s a wonder he is even getting involved! 

So if the world ends in a horrific and fiery apocalypse with Lucifer rising to smite down humanity… you might have a 5 year old with a crayon to blame! 

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    This is the funniest s#$t I’ve heard in a while!

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