Baby Yoda Has Arrived In The Sims 4

Ever since The Mandalorian debuted last month there has been one prominent topic on the minds of fans: Baby Yoda, or The Child as he is called.

Viewers and fans haven’t been able to get enough of Baby Yoda and as such there has been more merch, hashtags, and theories than we can count.

Maxis has joined the festive bandwagon, and in there recent content update, added a statue of ungodly-cute being from the Star Wars universe.

You can buy the statue in-game now, but don’t expect the same fuzzy feeling you get when watching The Mandalorian – this sculpture looks more like an unlicensed knock-off toy found at your local Dollar Store. Ok, it’s not quite that bad, but it certainly isn’t that cute either.

What’s the strangest crossover you have encountered in a video game? Tell us all about it below.

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