Stop Looking At Me SWAN – New Comet Discovered

You won’t need a telescope to see it.

According to Science, the newly discovered comet is “faintly visible” with the naked eye for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Yesterday, May 13, SWAN crept the closest it will come to Earth at a staggering 53 million miles – all while dumping around 1.3 tonnes of water per second!

The discovery was made in April 2020 by an amateur Comet-ologist Michael Mattiazzo who just so happens to have discovered 8 of the 9 comets found using the SOHO.


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  1. Geegamoose

    ‘What you good at mate?’
    ‘Spotting shiny things in the sky…..’

  2. MooseFruitMitch

    They call him Captain Comet

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