Conspiracies surrounding Coronavirus take worrying turn

With the world gripped by its next epidemic saga, conspiracies have started to fly regarding the Coronavirus.  

The never before seen mutation of the virus, which originated in Wuhen, China, is thought to be from the Coronavirus family.  It is called this because under a microscope, it looks like lots of little crowns. 

The origin of the virus is being reported as a seafood/slaughterhouse market where animals such as Koalas, bats, wolf cubs, snakes, rats and other animals were caged and slaughtered to order.   Obviously, not very sanitary conditions – bloody murder aside. 

However, there are reports of a biotech research facility in the city and rumours are that the virus has in fact escaped from there.  As you might presume, these are covert operations and it is known that the facilities handle military contracts as well as civilian.  

Now here is where the proper conspiracy theories come into play.  Within the city of Wuhen is a Biotech lab which has the same logo as the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil.  

Twitter user Undoomed

For those of you that haven’t seen Resident Evil, an evil corporation called Umbrella Corp releases a virus that infects the people of Raccoon city and turns them into zombies.  

Spooky but it doesn’t end there.  

Corona is also an anagram of Racoon, another eery coincidence! 

It is already seeming like there is too much in common here, but it gets weirder.  As you can see from the picture below, the logos are the same, but there’s more !! If you look closely you will see in the simplified chinese at the bottom the words baohu san – which translates to Umbrella.  Another coincidence or another link to Umbrella Corp and an impending zombie apocalypse? Who knows . 

There are also unconfirmed reports of the virus being nicknamed the T-virus, although this is yet to be verified.  The only source, a Mr Pratt who works in pensions not Virology so take it as it comes. 

Corona, the beer, has also taken exception to this outbreak and has decided to rebrand in order to protect its identity. 

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