Customers left pale and distraught after pigs served with no blankets. 

WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT…regarding food.  Bacon shortage leaves pigs without blankets at Wetherspoon’s  Some people swear by them, the old Irish druids thought they were sacred … and some people just eat them.  Either way most people love a good pig in a blanket.  However, Wetherspoon’s customers looking to enjoy pigs in blankets during this festive season were left disappointed after being served chipolatas without althe famous wrapping of bacon.  The pub chain, said the issue was down to a temporary labour shortage at an unnamed pig business further up the supply chain, rather than problems with meat travelling into the UK from Europe. Yes that’s right, Brexit has made people scared in more ways than one.  
Thankfully the pub chain boss Tim Martin assured customers that Brexit would not force the British public into veganism. 
The matter involved a ‘number of pubs’ and has since been resolved. 
Customer Xander Yarney, 21, was among those left disappointed when he ordered a Christmas dinner at The Angel in Basingstoke on December 2. 
Sorry to have to name one of the culprits but it really isn’t quintessentially British if there is no bacon on your classic … mini French sausage?  
After the initial shock of what was served to him, Mr Yarney admitted that he was offered a refund, but was too hungry to bother.  The British Meat Processors Association (cracking monthly newsletter from these guys by the way )  previously warned that the UK was not attracting enough EU workers, which it said could have a detrimental impact on the supply of ‘fiddly’ items, such as pigs in blankets. With such a stark reminder of the perils of Brexit, let’s hope Boris takes heed and gets is a solid deal.  Source: Metro UK

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