We know about Drop Bears but have you heard of Drop Dragons?

I’m sure most of you will have heard of the old Australian tale of drop-bears.  The dangerous subspecies of koala has been brought back into the news after a British reporter was pranked when reporting on the horrific bushfires experienced this season. 

But have you heard of the American Drop-dragon?  

Emerging this winter in Florida, thankfully a drop-dragon isn’t exactly going to devour you whole.  

Drop-dragons are in fact frozen iguanas!! 

You’re probably thinking WTF is this guy on about.  Well as you might be aware, iguanas and other reptiles are cold blooded.  Meaning they struggle more than your average joe in winter.  

This year, winter has been colder than usual in Florida, with temperatures dropping to below 4 °C, thus slowing and immobilizing the herbivorous lizards.  

Due to the cold, they are literally falling out of the trees as they cannot grip on anymore. 

Despite falling and lying there motionless, the lizards are not dead – just frozen.  Once they warm up a bit, they slowly pick themselves off and scamper off, albeit rather embarrassed. 

Why haven’t we heard of this before? Well it is unusual for the temperature in florida to drop so low.  With the average temperature not dropping much below 9 °C, it’s no wonder that a 5 °C swing has such dramatic consequences. 

Not this guy though

What’s the best thing you’ve seen fall out of a tree?  I challenge you to beat this in the comments below !

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