Final Fantasy VII Remake Intro Leaked

Despite Square Enix's best attempts to keep a lid on any leaks surrounding the Final Fantasy VII remake, Youtuber Lystrasza has managed to slip some content out that is the extremely awesome looking intro to the FFVII demo.

Fans of the original release would all remember the iconic scene with Aerith picking flowers, followed by the zoom out to get our first look at the industrial city of Midgar before finally panning back around to Cloud, Barrett and the rest of the rag-tag team that is Avalanche.

Back in 1994, this was a sight to behold as it was an amazing leap in what developers could do, and also due to the fact that this animation led seamlessly into the first bit of gameplay, something Square Enix hadn't done before. It was an exciting time to be alive, and set the standard for the RPG genre - but can they do it again?

Watch the leaked intro below and let us know what you think. Oh, and apparently there is some footage available of an actual play through. I, for one, will be avoiding that like the plague and not ruining the experience for myself. Now excuse me while I clear my PS4 hard drive.

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