Florida Woman Arrested for Flinging Faeces in Landlords Face

Talk about a shit fight ! 

Joanne Mercader, 59, was charged with battery of a person 65 or older on Saturday, after throwing human poop at her landlord when she came to inspect her trailer/home. 

According to the police report, the landlord had arrived at the mobile home to carry out an inspection.  After knocking on the door to no answer, she let herself in, only to be welcomed with a face full of shite. 

As per all jobby related facials, a small physical scuffle broke out and the police were called. 

Authorities were left baffled by the situation, with one cop heard stating: ‘All I know is, in a long time doing this job, I’ve never seen anything like it’. 

Mercader ended up admitting that she had thrown the Jimmy White but that it had been an accident.  She had actually intended to throw a pail of water but grabbed the wrong bucket. Why she had a bucket of bum droppings in the first place is still a mystery. 

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  1. 4D

    She should be locked up just for having a poo bucket she should

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