Man From China Gets Medically Unfolded

A patient aptly named the ‘Folding Man’ has had his life straightened out by some life saving surgery. 

46 year old Li Hua, from China’s Hunan Province, has lived with a debilitating back condition since being first diagnosed back in 1991. 

The extent of the patients bad back is so severe that he has had his face squashed into his thighs for the past 20 years 

Before the surgery, the curve in his spine was so severe that he only measured 2ft9in – essentially up to his lower back. 

Medics described the severe spinal deformity as a ‘three-on’: chin on chest, sternum on pubis, and face on femur. 

One thing that has always been a problem for Mr Hua is another ‘on’  – a hard on. Mr Hua hasn’t been asked yet, but it is widely implied, that he is very much relieved to no longer poke himself in the chin when aroused. 

Mr Hua needed his spine broken in sections and then straightened out during the extensive rounds of surgery. Medics also broke and fixed his thigh bones, however it is unclear why, possibly to remove the face shape from them. 

After the surgery, Professor Huiren was pleased with the operation stating regular bodily functions will not be a problem however extreme sports such as UFC and Shinty are out of the question. 

Since his successful operation, Mr Hua is expected to be walking unaided within 3 months.

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