Free The Last Of Us Part II Theme For PlayStation 4

With all the excitement brewing away over The Last of Us Part II’s release, it’s nice to know there are ways you can get a little taste of content in preparation. That’s right, Naughty Dog are giving away a dynamic PlayStation 4 theme using the codes found below.

You don’t even need to rush, as they don’t expire until 2021, but why bother waiting when you can get it now?

Dynamic themes can do a lot of things from creating soundscapes depending on your controller actions, to overhauling the entire UI to look like a fricken space ship. In the case of Naughty Dog’s free theme for The Last of Us Part II, the theme itself will change depending on whether it’s day or night local time.

For the peaceful daytime image you can see Ellie resting against a tree with her guitar in a beautiful piece of artwork. But, when the sun goes down, the scene turns chaotic with Ellie now brandishing a machete as she lies in wait for multiple attackers searching for her.

The menu icons also change into a weathered style resembling cracked paint. But that’s about it, there are no sub-menu theme adjustments, so don’t be expecting every individual screen to show you something new.

If you feel like getting your hands on this piece of free loot, use the appropriate code for your region found below. They were even nice enough to make it work across all regions using only two codes, saving us a lot of time letting you know.

EU/AU/NZ/RU/Middle East/India/Africa: 9DEK-PKNG-N445


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