Grumpy Cat Is Dead, All Hail Grumpy Cat

After the sad passing of the original Grumpy Cat in May 2019, feline fans have been pining for a successor. 

Tardar Sauce, the original Grump Cat, rose to fame back in 2012, with its perpetual look of annoyance. 

The original misunderstood moggy

Now a new internet sensation has taken to the stage – Meow Meow, from Taiwan, has been stealing hearts with its pissed off facial expression. 

It’s not that the cat is of a bad nature though, but Batman-esk markings on its face that make for a perfect expression of dissatisfaction. 

Grumpy Cat II may look like it is constantly plotting against its owner but it is apparently a very sweet cat that likes to massage its owners head to wake her up in the morning. 

Have you got a contender for pet facial expression of the decade? Let us know in the comments below!!

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