Horizon Case Turbo Review

Aquiris Game Studio Aquiris Game Studio May/2018 Racing, Arcade PS4

I used to have to cram my pockets full of loose change to experience even the slightest glimpse of what Horizon Chase Turbo packages up and serves steamy.

Taking to the streets of Horizon Chase Turbo is like being thrown back into the arcade racer days of Outrun, or Daytona USA - which can still be found at a surprisingly large amount of modern arcades today.

But, one very satisfying difference between HCT and the games of old is that you don't have to restart after every loss. No feeding coins into a slot for only as long as your budget allowed. No elated feeling from achieving the top position on the scoreboard only to have your older brother beat it with ease mere moments later. Ok, maybe he still will, but at least you don't have to fork out more cash to try again.

Starting from the first race in arcade variants was a staple, but for those who choose to rev up Horizon Chase Turbo they can enjoy the futuristic comforts of autosaved progression across twelve countries, each with several cities to tinge the air with the scent of post-burn nitrous.

For those wanting to squeeze as much out of this game as possible, you can endeavor to complete each race with all tokens collected to receive the Super Trophy for that level. But be warned, the later races will test your resilience to failure.

While cleaning up your AI opponents in World Tour mode you can unlock 34 cars in total and a buffet of upgrades. But, if you are still itching for more high octane fun - DLC content can be purchased including the Rookie Series, and Summer Vibes pack.

It's really nice to see that games like Horizon Chase Turbo still have their place in today's gaming universe and that a gentleman of premium taste with multiple decades of exposure to video games can enjoy it as much as his 3-year-old son. By the way, I wiped the floor with him and sent him crying to his Mumma.


Horizon Chase Turbo






Nostalgia Points



  • Aquiris could have skimped on the amount of levels and races like a lot of other arcade games do, but it is packed with plenty.
  • The controls are so simple a toddler can learn, with very forgiving turns and plenty of chances to catch up to the pack.


  • A lot of the unlock-able cars have only a minor increases to overall stats, making it more of a cosmetic upgrade.
  • While forgiving controls are welcome to newcomers, it would be nice to have an option to really dial up the difficulty. Some of the earlier races are almost impossible to lose.

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