How many brussel sprouts did you attempt this Christmas?

Well, the benchmark has been set!

Whether you like brussel sprouts or not, many can agree that they are likely to show themselves at Christmas.  But, they aren’t the most popular addition to the Christmas meal line-up. 

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped 38 year old Wayne Sherlock trying to put them back on the plate? Map? Plate-map? Yeah, plate-map.

The Brussel sprout expert has put his pride behind him and taken on more sprouts than a dozen Christmases worth. 

With a Guiness World Record at stake, the burley Englishman had to get his munch on to take home the title. 

The target number – 33 sprouts in 1 minute.  

Of course, there would be no article if Sherlock failed, just a full, but disappointed ex contestant.  Some might say it’s the worst kind of “full” out there. 

But, Moose Fruit is happy to report that Mr Sherlock smashed the challenge with only minor heartburn!

 “I just chewed like a pig and while doing that looked around for the smaller sprouts.”

W. Sherlock

Wayne Sherlock, 38, was named the champion by Veg UK Ltd. at The Crown Inn pub in Finglesham with the video evidence already on it’s way to Mr Guiness World to double check and put in his records. 

It is unknown how much gas Mr. Sherlock actually passed in the days following the competition, but it is assumed to be a lot.

What’s the worse eating competition you’ve been a part of? Let us know below!

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