How many Nigels do you know?

The world’s largest gathering of Nigels’ took place this month in , with over 432 wild Nigels appearing.  The number actually stands at a staggering 433.  

It is unclear what the purpose was for this gathering this far outside of the usual mating season, with one Nigel quoted saying: ‘So it was really just to get a few Nigels together in the same room, to share Nigel stories and celebrate our Nigelness – that was the original intention.’

Bold words indeed, personally i would of referred to it as Nigelism but hey, I’m no Nigel 

With Nigels having put up with decades of persecution, another Nigel was overheard hoping he had done his bit to help put the name back on the map. 

Whether or not there will be an annual event to celebrate Nigelism is yet to be determined.

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