How To Watch The First 5 Minutes Of SCOOB! Right Now


We are living through some very perculia times indeed, but these uncharted waters, when navigated correctly, can lead to some pretty great outcomes.

I am of course talking about in-home releases of blockbuster movies, which is becoming a regular occurrence now.

Trolls: World Tour, Onward, The Hunt, and The Invisible Man are among the films that became available for streaming at home in lieu of a big screen debut. And, in some cases the absence of butts in seats didn’t stop a title from topping the charts.

In fact, Trolls: World Tour climbed to number one on Amazon Prime within it’s first two days. And now, sliding into number one on multiple streaming and rental services; Scoob!

To help those otherwise uninterested potential viewers, Warner Bros have given the world the first five minutes of the feature film to enjoy on YouTube.

Scoob! takes us back to the younger years of Shaggy and Scooby’s life, starting with how the lovable duo teamed up, and got involved with the rest of the gang.

Only it’s not actually a trip back in time per se, as is made obvious by modern technology, and Shaggy listening to a podcast, which certainly was not a thing back in the 60s, 70s, 80s or whenever the original timeline took place.

If you fancy tasting this little treat from Warner Bros – break out the Scooby Snacks and watch the 5 minute preview here.

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