Hunt Showdown Is Legitimately Amazing

Almighty Moose Father crap your pants and close your eyes because Hunt Showdown is one scary fricken game.

Excuse the crude, but incredibly necessary opening sentence, I just wasn’t expecting this to be as superbly terrifying as it is.
When I first saw the gameplay trailer a few weeks ago I thought the polish to the design was probably going to be somewhere between PUBG and Cuisine Royale, but instead it’s reaching for the more ambitious open world with a tonne of objects to interact with, and a lot of options as to how you can win a round.

Hunt Showdown is set in the Louisiana bayous in the late 1800s where the world is ravaged by the undead, monstrous creatures, and the most dangerous enemy of all, other players.
Each hunt, you use an ability called Dark Light which guides you to clues around the map, each one blacking out regions in order to show you where the Bounty is. What are these bounties exactly? Well, they range from giant fucking spiders that spit venom at you, to tall demonic beings immune to fire and near impossible to keep in your sights. Once you locate three clues, you are shown the way to the Bounty’s lair, you can go in alone or with up to two in your party, but you need to be fast with whatever tactic you decide on.

Here’s the real challenge though; once you have killed the monster you will need to banish it in order to acquire your Bounty Token. During this time, it’s pretty bloody easy for another team to find you and try to take that token from you. With matches that last up to an hour it can really raise those anxiety levels.

One part of Hunt Showdown that I wasn’t expecting is the permadeath feature. That’s right, if you die you lose all the weapons, upgrades and consumables you’ve picked up for that particular hunter, so it’s a good idea to not waste all you coin on one character.

This is definitely a must-play for 2020, so get out there and kill some nasties.

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