Imagine your favourite games with NO LAG AND NO PING!!

The internet is dead, long live the internet!  Engineers have successfully tested a micro-comb which could one day replace existing internet infrastructures due to its astounding download speeds of 44.2 Terabits per second!!!  That is some crazy speeds that will change the way we internet forever! 

Remember dialup connections and you would get 128kb/s ?! It used to take 5 hours to download 1 4mb song!  1 song !! 

Now with this chip you could download 1000 HD movies instantly!!!

Imagine how fast you could download a Call of Duty Update!! 

While micro-comb technology has been around for a decade but its use in this way still in development. The fact that it has been tested at this speed hints at its potential. 

Just imaging a PS5 or Xbox Series X  with 44 terabit/s download speeds!  No loading screens and no delays for updates!  That… is the future of the internet my friends!! 

How many times have you died due to lag or bad ping!! I know for me it is almost every time in games like Warzone and Apex because I am the best and that is the only reason….   And soon i will have no excuse 🙁 ! 

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