Indie Puzzler, Obversion Coming Soon

Obversion is an indie first-person puzzle game from developer Adrian Marple (Marplebot).  A former Google developer, Adrian’s debut title echoes his passions for philosophy, geometry, and thought-provoking puzzles.

Obversion is experienced from a first-person perspective and boasts features such as “auto jump,” allowing the player to focus less on mechanics and more on the experience of the game.  The journey through the levels of Obversion is a coalescence of striking environments, philosophical quotes, geometric satisfaction, and intricately woven puzzles.  Players will immediately sense that every aspect of Obversion has been thoughtfully and purposefully crafted as part of a unique and intentional experience.

Fans of first-person puzzlers like the Portal series will feel immediately at home with Obversion’s gameplay, all enjoyed in a stark yet serene world.  Obversion has an enigmatic tone that could only be found in an indie title combined with the detailed production quality of a AAA game.

Obversion is scheduled to release on Steam on January 28, 2020.

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