Infliction: Extended Cut Wets Your Pants For You On February 25, 2020

Caustic Reality and Blowfish Studios gear up to scare the mother-lovin' teeth out of your face in the psychological horror that is Infliction: Extended Cut.

The overwhelming torment from the original Steam release is left intact, with additional endings and the brand-new "New Game Plus" mode which includes bonus story content, different scares, harder puzzles and even more.

Follow Gary R. Pout as he dives into the haunting mystery in the wake of a horrible tragedy, plaguing the remnants of a once-happy suburban family.

This interactive hell will test your very soul as you try to find a way out of a twisted reality before terrifying spirits overcome you.

Outrun and outwit a relentless paranormal pursuer while investigating every tiny detail for clues, in the hopes of escape.

“Infliction is a psychological horror experience rooted in fears that can resonate with anyone,” said Clinton McCleary, founder of Caustic Reality and mission designer at Blowfish Studios. “We look forward to scaring everyone and sharing all the new content very soon when the ‘Extended Cut’ releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February.”

Infliction will be available via the Nintendo Switch eShop, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store for $19.99 / €17.99 / £15.99 / $24.99 AUD on Feb. 25, 2020. It features support for English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese language options.

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