It took 5 years to confirm – you play as Norman Reedus in PT

When Konami and Hideo Kojima were still in cahoots, and working on the ninth instllment of the Silent Hill series, a short horror game was released as a teaser. PT made video gams headlines due to how effective it was at terrifying players, and later became even more popular after Kojima left Konami.

You play as a namelss character in third person, never seeing who you are. Stuck within the walls of a paranormal nightmare, you must investigate every item, explore every corner, and avoid a relentless tormentor of creepy origins. And boy, is it ever so creepy.

The cringe-worthy nature of PT captured a large fan base with many attempting to uncover further unsettling truths hidden within the game. One of the most horrific facts that was showcased by a committed secret-searcher, Lance McDonald, was that for the entire duration of the game your paranormal-pursuer is directly behind you.

The same fan has now gone even further down the rabbit hole, and has hacked the games camera, allowing him to view from about chest height. In the haunted horror house is a mirror, but it’s covered right where your face would be. By moving the camera, McDonald was able to catch a glimpse of who our unlucky protagonist really is – Norman Reedus.

Many had already assumed this was the case due to Reedus being seen in the outro of the game, and because Kojima was planning on casting him as the playable character for the next Silent Hill prior to his falling out with Konami. But, after five years, we finally have proof.

Can you think of another game that hides a celebrity character? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Dinkleboss

    What if we are in a simulation, and allof us are acually Norman Reedus

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