Get an early look at the Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map

Whether you fell in love with Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the first time recently, or you have been a fan since many releases ago, there is no doubt some intrigue welling up inside you over the Battle Royale mode that’s been confirmed for a while now.

Well, now you can have your first peak at the map that will be used when we slaughter each other down to one remaining victor.
Thanks to Youtuber Ryan B, a method has been demonstrated in which players can join a private match on the Atlas Superstore map and become the Codcaster, by doing so you can freely explore the map.

From what we can see, the map is made up of 15 different zones, and several points of interest. There are some familiar looking assets in the map such. As a sports stadium, a prison of some kind, and airstrip and a hydro dam. As to when you can expect to play the much anticipated Modern Warfare battle royale, it could be any day now, with the second season having commenced, players can now see a “classified” tab next to multiplayer.

Battle Royale is like a plague at this point, slowly consuming competitive games or assimilating with them to create strange mashups, sometimes they are amazing, sometimes they fall short.

Let’s just hope that this feels better than Blackout, which operated like a completely separate game to any other Call of Duty. The player movement is sluggish, and the TTK was about a year longer than the standard set in pretty much every other COD.

Fingers crossed, and best of luck to all you sweaty bastards.

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