Moosemilk E003 – How Will You Be Eating Yourself Today Sir?

Have you ever wondered what people taste like? What is an appropriate condiment to complement human flesh? We talk about the important stuff on this show. Also, Geegs was suffering from a medical condition known as “Ow my fucking neck hurts” and as such was a bit under the weather. You can berate him, or send him e-hugs to

Our new shared Twitch channel is called RandomThatGuy and you can catch Geegs and myself, 4D, playing Apex Legends or something we are in the process of reviewing, but mostly Apex.

We promise the weekly schedule is upon us, and thank you for your patience as we work out the first few weeks of the show.

As of now, we are available on just about every platform you find your podcasts, so if you have a preferred way of listening you can probably find us there.

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