Moosemilk E011 – Ban this Podcast

Well, it’s been another week and we’re all still here. Well, we are. Not too sure about you though.

Life as a Moose comes with finer things than the average peasant can afford, such as $6 bottles of wine, 3 ply toilet paper, neopolitan ice cream, and the occasional Twitch Prime rental. That’s right, we just live better than most.

In all seriousness though, thanks for sticking with us and showing your support for the show and what we do, it means the world to us. Did you hear that, our 3 subscribers? We do this for you.

We got a little derailed this week by a little game called ARK Survival, which has taken over most of our lives somehow. But, we still took a second to get behind the mic and talk about poop, movies, our recent let downs, and our extremely educated political debates. So listen up, fuckers.

Come back every week please. Fanks.

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