Moosemilk E015 – Elysian Fields with Michael Oden

Get ready to geek out with us this week as we sit down with the creator of the recently labelled “In Demand” campaign on Indiegogo – Elysian Fields.

Breaking free from our standard 3-man-show, we decided to speak to someone and get them to run the podcast for a week, little did we know it would turn into something so much more. This guy is humble, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work.

We dive deep into the story and what inspired Michael to piece together what looks to be something truly beautiful and entertaining.

Achilles fought with a fiery rage for glory during his short life when he arrived in the underworld and reunited with his beloved comrade Patroclus, he thought he could finally spend eternity enjoying the things he missed out on in life. This was not the case, after a momentary reunion the Best of the Greeks was ferried away to an amphitheater where he was to fight alongside other heroes of his world: Herakles and Theseus, for the God Hades to regain his dominion over the underworld. With the world’s pantheons expanding, and past pantheons crumbling, Hades is willing to grant Achilles his greatest desire.

You can check out the campaign and order a copy for yourself here.

The track featured in this week’s episode is Double Dragon The Secrets of Sosetsuken by Juan Medrano

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