Mystery Giant Drone Swarms Spotted

Residents of Colorado and Nebraska have been left baffled by repeat sightings of a swarm of large drones. 

Every night since the week of Christmas, the spooky lights have been appearing in the night sky in droves of up to 30 strong.  The drones are not your cheap vending machine minis either, with a wingspan of about 6ft. 

They have been reported in 6 counties so far and appear to be mapping out the land below them as they move in a grid pattern at around 200-300 feet up. 

Representatives for the Air Force, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the US Army Forces Command all said the drones did not belong to their organizations.

The airspace where the drones have been spotted doesn’t actually have much restrictions and there are no regulations requiring the drone operators to identify themselves.  Thankfully they are not behaving in a malicious manner. 

There are a couple of theories as to where the drones have come from.  Drone pilot and commercial photographer, Vic Moss, was of the opinion that there could be a local drone company trying out new technology.  Other theories include Foreign Governments or Aliens 

With nobody owning up to it at this stage, it could be Any of the above! 

What with guns being rampant in the US, locals are being asked to refrain from shooting down the drones as they are highly flammable.  Obviously 6ft wide drones require a fairly substantial power source, so shooting a battery that size creates a self-generating fire that burns until it burns itself out. Hazardous indeed! 

Source: Business Insider

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