Nintendo Turn Up The Heat On Hacker Group

Nintendo have turned up the heat on the hacking group who call themselves Team-Xecuter Have you ever seen someone at the markets or online selling SD cards preloaded with pirated games? Chances are you, or someone you know has, though whether or not they worked is often another story entirely. One such SD card that’s been floating around the uncharted waters of pirate land came from a group called Team-Xecuter in early 2018, along with modded Switch consoles that would allow for pirated games to be played. It seems Nintendo has shut down this chunk of the group’s revenue stream by winning an injunction against Sergio Moreno. With this injunction in place, Moreno is prohibited from selling, distributing, or modding Nintendo technology or trademarked content. In addition to the strict order, he is also being forced to destroy any existing devices or software he possesses. So, if you were hoping to jail-break your Switch and rip-off developers, you’re out of luck. Well, Sergio Moreno of Team-Xecuter is out of luck at least. Source: Nintendo

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