Nudist Beaches Scared And Excited As Thousands Of Penis Fish Wash Ashore.

No joke, there is such a thing as a penis fish.

The weird looking aquatic creatures are actually a type of worm and are otherwise known as innkeeper worms due to other creatures living in the burrows it makes.

Thousands of them washed ashore on a beach in California , after they were thrust from the seabed by a storm. We’ve deliberately withheld the name of the beach to stop anyone going to try ‘save’ the penises.

*Pretty confident there’s no nudists involved in this story

The worms are also found in the Gulf of China and off the coast of Korean and Japan. It is apparently a delicacy in many coastal regions around eastern asia.

I wonder what you serve Penis fish with ?

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  1. Dinkleboss

    Those have got to be some of the grossest littles sh#ts on the planet

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