P.T Modder-God finds a way to explore the town of Silent Hill

It was only a week ago that we told you about the discoveries made by Lance McDonald, P.T modder and apparently, quite the investigator.

If finding out that Lisa the ghost is following you literally the whole time isn’t good enough, or that you are, in fact, playing as Norman Reedus for the entirety of the game – brace yourself.

McDonald has managed to break free of the confines of the haunted hallways of P.T and explore the town of Silent Hill, as seen for a fleeting moment in the final scene.

It took some fancy code writing, some doors remapped, and a mod to float the player a few inches above the ground but it all equated to McDonald being able to escape the hallways and venture out into the cold.

What was perhaps the most surprising of all was the sheer size and detail of the infiltrated map.

Given that P.T was a teaser for the abandoned ninth instalment to Silent Hill it makes sense that it was developed alongside the main game. However, the map was fitted out with expansive roads, heaps of houses, and intricate detail out the hoohaa.

It’s a shame that the development had to cease on Silent Hill, but fans need not despair for much longer as it has been rumored that a new game is indeed on the way.

Check out the video to see the modder in action around the unreachable map.

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