Passive Aggressive Painter Gets Revenge On Welcher

A painter in Bolsover, England has given a client who refused to pay their bill a fresh lick of passive aggressive payback, by painting a not so subtle message across the face of their home.

“Want your house painting? Don’t be like Terry. Pay the bill, Now you will.”

Dean Reeves had apparently grown tired of dealing with customers like this and decided to take a stand once and for all, and I say good on him. As an ex-owner of a landscaping business, I know all too well of the throes of oppression brought down upon you by a difficult customer. Yeah, I’m talking about you Andrew Hamilton.

I wonder if this gentlemen was generally of the gentle nature, or if backlash like this is common occurrence in his work life. We here at Moosefruit are not about the cold hard facts though, so for pure speculation and comical value, let’s just imagine his the modern day Ghandi, and this sack of shit customer had it coming. Pay your bill Terry.

Have you got a story of amazing passive aggressive behaviour? Let us know in the comments.

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