Pumped! BMX Pro Review

Yeah Us! Games Curve Digital Feb/2018 BMX, Sports Nintendo Switch


Pumped BMX Pro is the next installment in the high adrenaline, fast-paced arcade BMX trickathon. Master 60 levels and over 200 challenges while pulling off as many radical stunts as possible on one of 15 bikes.

Pumped BMX Pro is another release from one-man development studio Yeah Us! Games out of the UK.

The earlier Pumped BMX titles were created for mobile and garnered a lot of attention and positive feedback. This resulted in a team up with Curve Digital, the publisher of games such as When Ski Lifts Go WrongA Knight’s QuestVelocity 2X, and an infuriatingly difficult to master arcade-style warplane platformer Rogue Aces.

Pumped! BMX Pro review for Nintendo Switch


Partnering up to work on Pumped! BMX+was a smart move for Adam Hunt, founder, and one-man-army of Yeah Us! Games. Curve Digital helped to revamp Pumped! BMX 2 for console, a project that paved the way for the recent release of the indie studio’s new game.

Pumped! BMX Pro has the same format as it’s predecessors, make it to the finish line, and check off tricks while pulling off some death-defying stunts.

Pumped BMX Pro review for PC

As a budget game, it provides exactly as promised, entertainment, but not overload. With a price tag of $21.50AUD, the hours of repetitively trying to check off tricks already make it worth the money.

It honestly feels like a mobile game that’s been polished and ported to console, which is pretty much exactly what has occurred.

The BMX genre has died off quite a bit over the past few years, and unfortunately Pumped is not the game to reignite the flames of player interest. But, I don’t think that’s what Yeah Us! Games were going for, this isn’t a competitive game or one that calls for updates and added content.

You begin Pumped! BMX Pro with a catalog of bikes to choose from, and riders to put on the seat. Not all content is available straight away, requiring you to reach a certain level to unlock, likewise, some tricks aren’t available until you have progressed deeper into the game. This was completely unknown to me and had me wondering how some challenges seemed almost impossible to squeeze into a run while still maintaining enough momentum to make it over the final jump. 

After unlocking the Racer and Boost skill, suddenly making it the distance wasn’t such a big task.
I made the mistake of thinking every level was about getting insane scores, and that is true, but in order to complete some challenges you may need to hold off on tricks until you have built up enough speed to pull off long combos.

At the time of writing this review, I have made it through the first 3 areas, having completed most of the challenges for each run. But, it only gets harder, and if you don’t have the patience to keep resetting the same run countless times in order to achieve perfection this might not be the game for you.

I’m a fan, and have a strong desire to chip away at all of the challenges, get Platinum scores for each run, and finish the game 100%. I  don’t think I am alone in finding this sort of game incredibly fun and addictive, and while normally found in the form of a mobile app, it’s really nice to see it executed on console and PC in such a way.

Pumped! BMX Pro is available on PC, Xbox One, and Switch.


Pumped! BMX Pro









  • Fun and addictive, and plenty of awesome stunts to learn.
  • Lot's of levels, that get quite a bit harder as you progress
  • Clean and simple design with not much in UI on the screen


  • Having a quick reset button sounds like a good idea, but you will hit it by accident a lot too.
  • Once you hit the harder levels, it becomes a grind to progress further.
  • While it's a fun design, it's lacking anything special. You can find similar graphics on a standard 99cent mobile game.

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