Husky Cross nearly charged with Arson

A Husky-Mastiff puppy has caused more than the usual mischief expected from a large breed puppy, and no it doesn’t include shitting in the washing basket. 

‘Bear’, as the cute wee pup is formally known as, nearly burnt down its Humans home by accidentally turning on the microwave while its owner was out.  I say accidentally because i’m pretty confident mans best friend wasn’t just trying to heat up a rustlers burger.

With smoke filling the property, owner Josh King was literally saved by the bell.  His doorbell CCTV picked up the smoke beginning to build up in the property and was able to notify Mr King who rushed home and called the fire brigade. 

Thanks to Mr King’s disregard to the speed limits on public roads, he was able to rush home and save the mischievous mastiff puppy, leaving the fire brigade to open all the windows and used a large atmospheric disruptor ( a fan)  to disperse the smoke.

Bear was not harmed in the incident and he was back to his usual self in no time.

*Not the puppy or the firefighter involved in this story


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