Snarksiders Genesis – An Introduction To Our Epic Adventure

Darksiders has always been a title that hasn’t made it onto my wishlist, purely because of a preoccupation with other games throughout my life.

To be starting my adventure this late in the series is a little daunting, so I don’t want to do it alone. I am going to be sharing my journey into the world of Darksiders with our good buddy Geegs, starting with the latest instalment, Genesis.

There has even been discussion of a companion podcast, so clean your ears.

At this point we’re unsure of how the short series podcast will be scheduled, but most likely a short episode will be released every day or so, just going over what has happened on our adventure, and what we can share with other players who are brand new to the franchise.

Having no prior knowledge of the story or lore probably wouldn’t do it justice so it might be best to read up a little and share the key events up until now.

The key notes for the first three games go something like this:

You play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with each game having you take control of a different Horsemen. The first instalment puts you in the boots of War, the youngest and least wise of the bunch, and the least lucky it would seem. War is fooled into starting the end of days early on Earth, triggering a war between heaven and hell and ultimately dooming the realm. Because of this little whoopsie, War is brought before the higher ups, The Charred Council, who rule that he is to be imprisoned and stripped of his godly privileges before eventually being destroyed.

War does manage to strike a deal in which he is allowed to return to Earth, or what’s left of it, in order to find out who was responsible for the horrible events and for leading him astray.

When we move over to Darksiders II, you play as Death, the oldest of the Horsemen and the most feared. The events of this chapter take place during the 100 year incarceration or War, and your goal is to try and clear his name by undoing the mistakes his younger brother made that led to the apocalypse.

The third instalment follows the events of Fury, the sister Horsemen and rider of the Black Horse, as she is charged to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins by the Charred Council. Throughout the adventure it becomes apparent that the council had never valued the Horsemen, and planned to kill them when their duty was completed.
Obviously this doesn’t go over too well with Fury, so she lashes out a little bit. Just a little.

This brings us to the current and latest addition to the franchise, Darksiders Genesis.
For this little diddy, we get to embark as Strife, with the added feature of a secondary character to play simultaneously, the returning Horseman, War.

Right now, I have no idea what this game is about, but tomorrow I will be diving into it head first and will hit the mic with Geegs to chat about our adventure into the chaotic world of Darksiders Genesis.

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