Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Trailer – Always watch the bonus footage

Are you one of those poor saps that doesn’t stick around through the credits to see if there’s any bonus footage?

Can you imagine the gravity of that thought in regards to Stranger Things season 3? It’s unlikely that you didn’t at least see fan theories that pointed to the events of today’s Stranger Things season 4 teaser.

So to fill you in, and yes this is a spoiler if you’re yet to get caught up on LAST year’s events in the series, but we wrap things up with the destruction of the laser which the evil Russians were using to re-open the doorway between our world and the dark void of the upside down.

With the massive surge of energy, Hopper is seemingly wiped from existence in a splattery mess. But, that wasn’t quite true. As is the case in most television shows and movies, if you don’t see a main character meet their demise, they likely didn’t.

At the end of the season, and after the final credit roll, we are shown a scene set in a Russian gulag of some sort. Guards are selecting a prisoner to feed to a captive “Demadog” creature, uttering only one statement – “not the American….”.

This little snippet of footage was enough to solidify hope that Hopper was indeed alive, and not a smudge on the floor of an evil lab deep below Starcourt Mall.

So, if you didn’t stick around after the credits, you would have been blown away by the teaser released today for Stranger Things season 4, in which we aren’t given a whole lot of plot teases, but rather are shown a thinner, and balder Hopper working as a cliche prisoner on a rail way.

Check out the trailer to sigh a bit of relief with us, and get excited for this year’s instalment into this amazing binge watch of a show.

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