The Company That Literally Saved Face For The Sonic Movie Is Being Shut Down

When the Sonic movie trailer released, fans of the blue blur were left outraged at the disturbing depiction Paramount had created.

Then, due to the work of Moving Picture Company’s Vancouver office, Sonic was redesigned in the inage fans were demanding. But, it would seem that their valiant efforts were not enough to save their turkey necks from the corporate chopping block.

In an email sent to staff it was announced that “due to increasing external market pressures” the studio would close the doors to it’s Vancouver office, which back in it’s prime a few years ago had around 800 staff.

It’s unclear just how many people will be out of a job, and what it means for the future of the company that worked on movies like The Lion King and Life of Pi.

What we do know is that thanks to this team of legends, Sonic won’t be making you throw up your chili dogs in theatres soon.

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