The Dull, Boring and Bland holiday.

No it’s not your annual trip to see the in-laws!

It is actually a bit of banter from the most surprising of places – the council’s of each respective town.

That’s right, a city council and banter were used together in the same sentence and there was no sarcasm intended.

So what’s so Dull, Boring and Bland ?

Dull is a Scottish town in Perthshire which is paired with Boring in Oregon, USA, as well as Bland Shire which is all the way in sunny NSW, Australia.

What better a way to attract tourists when you have names like that. It was such a success that the wee Scottish village welcomes around 60,000 tourists a year!! Not a bad wee injection into the local economy that.

Some of our other favourite place names include Bell End in Worcestershire, Bishop Spit in Kent, Moo Field in Shetland and Twatt in Orkney.

Isn’t this where you’re from ?

What’s your favourite place name? Let us know in the comments below!

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