The Best Kickstarter to back in December – The Wizard’s Gamble from Adamantine Entertainment

Get ready to live by the sword, fight for what's right, and die to no man - or God for that matter. Adamantine Entertainment have launched the Kickstarter for their incredible, lore-rich Medieval-Fantasy-style Action-Platformer, The Wizard's Gamble, and it has us all kinds of excited.

The two-man team made up of Justin Alexander and Andrzej "DisturbedVisage" Kowal, with the aid of several talented artists, have offered up a playable demo and a massive roadmap to expand upon if stretch goals are met. They have done so with personality, showcasing their project with honesty and comedic seriousness. Yep, that's a thing.

The setting of the game revolves around the Tower, an interdimensional structure that serves as a gateway to all worlds created by the Gods, and the constant struggle to seek its power and prove oneself worthy of their blessing.  The game's main conflict is the fight against Gantt, a self-made god who seeks to usurp the Tower and remake all life in his image.  Gantt believes nothing made by the Gods before him is salvageable except a few people he has chosen to be spared.

 Justin and Disturbed Visage decided to not only show off some pretty sweet looking animations, designs, and mechanics, they also give you a look into their creative process and opinions on crucial creative steps within development. Have a look at the enormous amount of information they've provided, and you'll see what we're talking about. 


The artwork, music, and story are beautifully stitched together in order to suck you into the dark and harrowing story of Gantt. It's clear almost immediately that the medieval-gothic theme is explored and highlighted as much as possible, drenching this adventure-platformer in sinister appeal.

Speaking with Justin Alexander about Adamantine's big-picture for making the multiplayer side of The Wizard's Gamble he said - "We hate it when a game's story caters to a single protagonist and kind of forgets about player two, it ruins the immersion and momentum. That's why we want to focus on an inclusive experience that will make all players feel like it's just as much their story."

OK, full transparency here: The guys from Adamantine Entertainment are friends of the team here at Moose Fruit, so our sneak peek and early preview of The Wizard's Gamble was a case of straight-up favoritism - and that's just fine. Trust me, just shhh.

We don't feel it necessary to even try to prove we aren't biased due to our prior connection with the indie team, their work can speak for itself and convince you that this isn't your meat-and-potatoes project.

Within the Kickstarter is basically a mini-wiki of The Wizard's Gamble, complete with character concept art, 3D models, original compositions, and some custom-made, completely unique rewards for backers that pledge their way into the $100 tier. But, if your pockets aren't deep enough to drop such coin, there are tiers that will get all of the game's content, your name in the credits, and access to the developer run community discord, and more.

Adamantine Entertainment has their next few games queued up for development and says -"Regardless of the outcome of the Kickstarter, we aren't going anywhere".

Play the demo and see the Kickstarter to The Wizard's Gamble by Adamantine Entertainment



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