Time Travel Paradoxical FPS, Quantum League to launch on Steam early 2020

Nimble Giant Entertainment have announced their innovative, and incredibly brain-straining first person shooter along with a “Recruitment” video.

We gamers are contantly screaming for developers to push the boundaries, and provide new experiences and evolving combat. But, most of the time we are simply playing the same style of warfare on a different battlefield, re-skinned with new weapons and characters.

That’s just how the nature of video games operates, with devs having their own vision for a tried and true genre – gamers like to shoot at each other, how can we make it feel different?

Finally, the team at Nimble Giant Entertainment have pieced together some complex mechanics, and added them to a fps arena. Quantum League stages 1v1 and 2v2 matches where you complete three runs in one.

What does that mean? If you have played Aeterno Blade before you would understand. But for those of us that haven’t, you start a round and move through the arena fighting another player or team. Once that run finishes, you start again with your original run acting as a team mate, then do it one more time.

By the end of each match you will have played 3 runs, each time using your previous clones as a full squad. This means that if you get eliminated on a run you’ll have a chance to prevent it from occuring.

Is your brain broken yet?

The entire concept is incredible, and hopefully Nimble Giant Entertainment will port Quantum League to console too.

Check out the Recruitment video to see what all this rambling was about.

Quantum League Athlete Recruitment Trailer


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  1. Dinkleboss

    I gotta say, the idea of only having yourself to blame when your squad lets you down sounds pretty enticing. I hope it comes to playstation

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