Washington state brought to a standstill by ‘Tumblegeddon’

Several people have been forced to see in muffled bells this New Year, after being stuck for up to 10 hours by a tidal wave of tumbleweed. 

A US highway in Washington state had to be closed in both directions at around 6.30pm on New Year’s Eve due to drifts up to 30ft  high the balls of dry plants blowing in. 

The incident has since been dubbed Tumblegeddon and involved 5 cars and one truck.  

The plants were so think in parts, a snowplough was required to shift them. 

After being forced to close the road at about 6.30pm on new years eve, it wasn’t until 4.30am of the new year that the road finally reopened.  Most of the travelers were forced to celebrate the new year surrounded by tumbleweed, while one car was found abandoned. 

The cause of the incident is thought to be 30-40 km/h gusts of winds which are still howling about the hilarity of it all.  

Nobody was injured, there were no collisions either and no arrests were made.

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