Way of the Passive Fist Review

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Member post by Ben Aubrey

When I first loaded up the game from my Steam library, I was greeted with a colorful, and vibrant loading screen. One thing that was clear from my initial inspection was the art style: a classic 8-bit fighter. In my opinion, I think the art style really separates WotPF from a lot of other Indie creations. The lively display immediately throws you into the game’s play-style, an adrenaline filled experience!

Way of the Passive Fist review
WotPF can reward you for taking careful, and decisive actions.

The speed at which the characters attack forces you into a rhythm where you have to consider every move you make. Additionally, the controls are a characteristic which really defines the way that the game is played: unlike other games, you can’t simply button-mash your way to victory. The timing and effectiveness of your moves are the most important part of this game. I really enjoyed the keyboard-only layout of WotPF as it is unlike any I have ever played before.

Furthermore, the soundtrack to the game was quite phenomenal. As I was playing through the game, I found that the music really sets the mood of the game and attempts to speed things up a bit. I noticed at times I was attacking to the beat of the music!

Finally, probably the most important and defining feature of the game was the story-line.
You play as the Wanderer, you learn of the planet you are currently on, Planet Zircon V. As the game says, “Dissenters had warned that the planet was too close to its star to support life, they were right. Eager explorers who rushed to capitalize on the planet’s rich resources are now left stranded on a harsh, unforgiving world struggling to survive.”

The Wanderer uses the Art of the Passive Fist to survive and outlast any foe through patience and a steady hand.

Way of the Passive Fist









  • Unique for the Brawler genre, the name says it all.


  • Not much content, the whole game can be played through in one sitting.

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