Welcome to our weekly show – Moosemilk with 4D & Geegs

Oh boy! This is just swell, I mean can you even?

At long last, the show we have been harping on about to all our friends and fans is finally here, and the first episode is a roller coaster.

We laugh, a lot, and we talk confidently about things we know nothing about.

4D plays one hell of a prank on Geegs, some terrible news brings the mood down, and then we get right back into it with a classic battle of “indoodle-berries” (you will understand when the time comes).

We talk about the arcade event going on in Apex Legends and touch on our thoughts on Netflix’s The Witcher. We talk about the mega-fires that scorched Australia and about our most anticipated games and movies of 2020.

Tune in every week – Live show coming soon

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