What Games Should You Be Hyped For In February?

You did it! You have officially survived the first month of the decade and are staring February in the face. It’s pretty standard that January sees a lack of releases, especially with AAA games, but February is often a different story with the first surge of releases storming the gates.

So, if you weren’t sure what games to look out for this month, here’s a list of our most anticipated game releases for February 2020.


As a gesture of appreciation for the overwhelming support the development team has received from the Wargroove community, a totally FREE update is coming to all platforms this month. Wargroove: Double Trouble adds new Outlaw Commanders, a whole new story that sees your team pull off the biggest heist of their lives, and put an end to a scourge of kidnappings and ransoms.

There is a lot more coming with this free content drop, check out more at the official site – https://Wargroove.com

This DLC is designed with multiplayer action in mind, with strong support for co-op play, so get your team ready for this one February 6.


The real-time-strategy game with a comedy twist, Necronator: Dead Wrong will be gracing us with it’s ghoulish presence on Steam on February 13, frankensteined together by Together Productions and Modern Wolf.

Acquire and deploy undead units with deck-building qualities to take down the Livmor Alliance. Each unit, of which there are 20, can be upgraded with different abilities and  various ways they can combo with nearby units.

Diving beneath the surface of this lane-defence RTS combat game we find several stories to play as you seek out the Necronator as one of the selectable commanders. Find out their reason behind their journey and strive to be the most powerful and terrifying force the living world has ever seen.


Swiping right for the hilarious and challenging physics based dating simulator. You are all ready to go, but unfortunately, you’re just a hand, and you’re quite the clutz.

Try not to make a fool of yourself or send your date running for the hills as you attempt all those cute little gestures to show your admiration, or perhaps just try not to throw sauce all over them.

There have been a slew of dating themed games over the past few years, with the majority opting to highlight a comical dynamic, but Table Manners looks like it might take things to the next level.


Pre order The Suicide of Rachel Foster on Steam.

We already got excited to play The Suicide of Rachel Foster, and the time is quickly approaching a release date. In this chilling investigation, you head back to your home town and begin to pull at the threads of tightly stitched mysteries while trying to get to the bottom of what really happened to Rachel Foster.


Yep, it’s actually a game. UnbeGames will be launching their Space program simulator on February 21. Build everything from the ground up, from mission control to the rocket that sends your cosmonauts to Mars.

You won’t just encounter hurdles to overcome within the monumental assignment of reaching another planet in one piece, you’ll also be skipping through an obstacle course of bureaucracy in a corrupt Russian economy..


I can’t say that the whole lovecraftian style has ever really been my thing, but for some reason World of Horror has intrigued me since first hearing about it in late 2019.

Set to scare on February 20, get ready to traverse a 1bit roguelite nightmare with turn-based combat and choices that might just end you.

There are five playable characters, each with their own story, plus you can play around with Event cards to create new horrors each time you play.
Creatures are taking over the world in a gruesome end of days display, seek refuge and fight for survival in a tiny seaside town in Japan.

One thing noted on the official site https://wohgame.com is that World of Horror is “free of typical jump-scares”, relying more on the players unnerving experience and the terrifying story itself.


Set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, this cute stick figure fighter/adventure/dungeon crawler takes you on an endless amount of epic travels, either alone, or with friends.

Take down relentless bosses and hoards of enemies in a bid to save the world as one of many playable characters. Kit your warrior out with weapons and gear to suit your style and get to chopping. Boasting “Infinite Replayability”, a large map, and loot-galore, Conan Chop Chop looks addictive as hell.


The action-survival Dawn of Fear from Brok3nsite is out now. Play as Alex as he returns to his family home only to find a trail of madness and despair. Solve puzzles to escape before the horrors of the house trap you forever.

We don’t know much more about this game, but it’s downloading right now, so expect a review soon.


Getting a little tired of the standard racing game? They all seem to be either a generic, and albeit realistic, driving simulator, or a gimmicky mess of ridiculous manoeuvres and on-screen power up pop-ups. It’s fair to say that the racing genre is at a bit of a crossroads, with modern tech making our games look better than ever before, the ‘race’ to make the next best game in this genre has become a slow and almost meaningless crawl.

Overpass doesn’t take the gimmick route, thank god, and instead goes for the ultra realism while overcoming the boredom by taking you off-road.

Each driver gets behind the engine of a buggy, ATV, or quad bike from a range of high profile manufacturers. The goal is to clock the quickest time, but it isn’t all about speed and tricky driving, Instead, you will need to learn to use real techniques to correct your vehicle as it passes over treacherous terrain.

Get the fellas together, and see who really can drive the best.

What game are you looking forward to the most in 2020? Let us know in the comments, or write a post of your own by clicking Kirby on the right.

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