What the Pluck?! CVS Customers Saved from Hostile Chicken

Police officers in Elizabethtown were called out to a CVS carpark on Friday after customers complained of falling foul to a fowl! 

Arriving at the violent stand-off, the two responding officers were confronted by a particularly spicy chicken. 

It is unclear why the chicken was pissed off.  Local reports say the ‘farmacy’ was out of fowl bowel pills however another was of the opinion that the bird just had a particularly large egg stuck up its ass. 

The Elizabethtown police department shared a post on its Facebook page explaining the dangerous situation: 

“A very hostile chicken was menacing patrons at a local pharmacy today. Probably feeding an addiction to corn or grubs or birdseed or whatever the heck chickens eat. Responding officers were pecked viciously by the uncooperative fowl fiend, and he made some adept use of vehicles for cover. Some quick thinking, unflappable bravery, and some MacGyver like ingenuity involving a milk crate lead to the swift apprehension of the peevish poultry.”

The two brave officers overcame the situation with some rest and relaxation with some much-needed doughnut therapy.

Source: WKBO

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