Where are all the posts about Movies and TV?

I have neglected this section of our beloved Moosefruit lately, and for that I will offer you nine different excuses.

Here we go:

There were Pirates in my neighborhood and everyone was conscripted to fight.

Part of the International Space Station detached from the main module and, due to my extensive hours playing Elite Dangerous, I was tasked with piloting a one-man capsule to retrieve and re-attach the part before space-pirates salvaged it.

I was doing some ironing. Probably pants.

The host of our local Musical Chairs meeting died and failed to pause the music, trapping us in an endless loop.

A tree was stuck up my cat.

I decided to go vegan and was reading up on all the awesome shit I can’t eat anymore. But then pirates attacked so there wasn’t time to follow through on that plan.

Somebody sent me the Complete Stargate Collection. Richard Dean Anderson for President.

I was arrested for running naked through an aquarium.

Entirely too much time was wasted coming up with the first eight excuses.

I will be making sure to rant some more in this space, and hopefully some of you lovely readers will feel at home and hit that submit post button on the right. Go on, do it.

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