With the Apocalypse cometh the Apostrophe

A rough and not very accurate representation of the motto for the Society to Protect Apostrophes’ 

For those of you who don’t know – the Apostrophe protection society is a society created to protect the apostrophe…… 

Founded in 2001 by former Journalist and wordoligist John Richards, the APS is an industry leader in educating people about apostrophes’, only being trumped by the national education system. 

Writing on the society’s website, Richard said: ‘Fewer organisations and individuals are now caring about the correct use of the apostrophe in the English language.’  Off record he was not quoted saying that he hated what the world had become and was not planning on bringing his apostrophicational wrath on his fellow man.  

How could the world turn on apostrophe’s you ask?  Well unlike John the Apostrophle, Man has succumbed to laziness and ignorance and had simply forgotten the pleasure that was being grammatically correct. Disgusting I know. 

Its not all full stops and fucking commas though, there is a bright side.  The word of Johneth the Apostrophle is spreading! At this time of writing he has received more than 500 letters of support from all over the world, giving hope to English teachers across the globe.  

You can hear rumours of the order of the Apostrophe here: https://www.apostrophe.org.uk

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