World Of Tanks Blitz Gets More Content In Festive 15-Stage Challenge

With the holidays fast approaching World of Tanks Blitz is getting their players in the mood with a visit to the festive workshop of Chris Dev, which has something for everyone. The man behind the event has created a 15-stage challenge, which features a mountain of great rewards including a grand prize: the Tier X VK 90.01 (P) and a special camo just for this behemoth.

On the way to this German heavy, tankers will be able to get their hands on the Pz. V/IV, a German medium tank, and a special in-game currency which can be used to shake a mysterious snow globe. On top of all this, everyday players can grab three different chests off Chris, which are full to the brim with a selection of goodies including Premium, Credits, Camos and more.

Tankers can maximize their festive yield by playing a satellite browser game that Chris himself has developed. Find the way out of an 8-bit labyrinth, collect up to 21 chests and other valuable in-game items, and pass all the challenges to receive a special festive avatar.

While the 15-stage challenge is for those who have Tier V or higher vehicles, every player will get something special for the holidays. After all, it’s a time for giving. Our resident Santa Claus, Chris, has prepared a festive stocking for everyone whether they’ve been naughty or nice. Every tanker who logs in between December 23, 2019 and January 12, 2020 will get the BT-SV, a shiny Tier III Soviet light tank, a garage slot to house it, a unique New Year’s camo, 200,020 credits and 2 certificates for a day of Premium.

More information about the event, its rewards and the festive gifts can be found here.

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