Merry Christmas from Moose Fruit and a look back on the year that has been 2019, and into the future

Depending on which hemisphere you find yourself inhabiting currently, it’s time to either let the eggnog and cringy sweaters take hold, or bust out your favorite flip-flops and board-shorts.

That’s right, the old man himself, the jolliest of Nick’s, the ambassador of the cookies and milk, SANTA has arrived.
You probably woke up this morning to squeals of excitement coming from your children or siblings, or perhaps it was indeed yourself – letting out joyous sounds as you ran towards the Christmas tree to unwrap that Baby Yoda plush toy.

Whatever your family looks like, and however you choose to spend this most festive of days, we here at Moose Fruit want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and thank you for being part of our first full year in what the cool kid call “da biz”.

For those that aren’t aware, we began this journey under the name of Loot Reviews back in October 2018 and recently rebranded with this very website springing into life officially on January 1st, 2020. So hang in there a few more days and you will start seeing the complete switch across all our socials.

Throughout 2019 Loot Reviews posted 314 articles, 161 Episodes of The Daily Gaming News podcast, 53 game reviews, and a tonne of update and leak posts.
Membership grew to 2825 for (let’s see Moose Fruit smash this in 3 months).
Podcast downloads exceeded 10,000 and Youtube subscribers to our new Bonus Content channel have already passed 110 after a few short weeks. No one seemed to give a damn about the_real4D’s live streams so let’s just not talk about that. Ever.

We aren’t a large organization, in fact, there are only 4 people that contribute to our projects on a regular basis so, to us, these achievements mean a lot. But, things have changed and we are growing in size! More of our friends have joined us on our adventure, and that’s why we decided that gaming culture wasn’t the only market we wanted to be in. Moose Fruit is an entertainment publication for odd news, movies and tv, and of course gaming.

Already, after 3 weeks of being visible on the internet, Moose Fruit has posted 56 articles! With so much more content coming your way, please make sure to bookmark Moose Fruit and come back regularly to see what we have been up to.

In 2020, we will be launching our very first Merch line with hilarious quotes, amazing artwork, and kick-ass other stuffs. We will begin advertising to promote our website and encourage visitors to post their own articles here, we are a community after all and want everyone to feel as though they can express themselves here.

Loot Reviews made a lot of amazing connections in the Gaming space, and we will make sure that the momentum doesn’t stop. Esports endeavors were put on hold early in the year with the intention of growing the community before allocating funds towards organizing small tournaments – 2020 is the year that you will see this start so stay tuned.

Our new podcast and Youtube series Control Alter Defeat will commence at the end of January – this is a monthly show hosted by Mitch Ford, Gregor O’Mara, and Justin Alexander. Be sure to check it out as the three guys behind all of this get together from different locations around the globe, tease the absolute oyster out of each other, and catch up on the odd things happening on our floating spaceship of Earth. This show will incorporate The Daily Gaming News with a segment dedicated to discussing the month’s events in the video game world.

It is our hope that as more team members are introduced, each with their own category to maintain (news, stories, guides, reviews, listicles) that you will find more content than you will ever be able to get through, right here at Moose Fruit.

So, with a wiggle of our nose and shimmy in our step, we close the book for another Christmas, with the deepest appreciation for all those who have stuck by us or just found us.

Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you in the new year!

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